Six decades - a lot or a little?  For man is the age when you can afford to retire. And for the company - an occasion to look back, assess the results and move on. Agricultural production cooperative "Agrokombinat  Snov "came up to this date, being one of the largest agricultural country, where the accumulated best practices of the European level, and in the asset - a lot of major projects and plans.

SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" is known not only in our Republic, but also far beyond it as a modern high-performance, diversified agricultural company with well-developed processing industry and a closed production cycle.

SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" is one of the first mill started working on a "field - farm - processing - the counter - the consumer."

Advances SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" serve as a guide, to aim for many agricultural enterprises.


A Brief History of Company


History of SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" begins with 1951, when on the basis of six small farms, educated in the postwar years in the selected villages was born on the combined farm Kalinin to the center of the village of Dreams. Lead to the villagers trusted veterinarian Y. Aleksankinu. He was then only 28 years old. But he showed himself a man of energetic, ambitious and purposeful. To improve the financial condition of the economy, Y. Aleksankin bet on flax. And it did. This has greatly increased the monetary proceeds to pay off farmers, purchase the necessary equipment for the further development of other industries.

Gradually increase the output of agriculture in crop and livestock production. By the 70s of last century it became known throughout the Soviet Union. It is here then built a new settlement, in which living conditions were approaching the city. In 1981 YA.V Aleksankin for high production achievements was awarded the title - Hero of Socialist Labor.

The farm in the early years of its existence there were people known to the results of their work throughout the country. They were the exhibitors of the economy, the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR and the USSR. Thus, the swineherd S. E. in 1976 became a Hero of Socialist Labor.

The economy grew richer, and not only due to the intensive growth of production, but also due to the accession of neighboring lands. Such connections in the history of the farm had a few.

1954 - Accession of the farm "Mountain of Snov" - Mountain of Snov on and on Dolny Snov.

1960 - Accession by collective farm. Chernyakhovskogo Pogoreltsy etc., etc. Sloboda, etc. Sychi.

1979 - Accession by the state farm "Nesvizh" hatchery "Teraspole."

Active farms were under construction, fleet, housing for workers. Already in the 60s was designed architectural project of building the central village of Dreams, which was successfully implemented. In the course of such construction rose in the village of Dreams multi-storey houses, shops, a cultural center, home living, bath and laundry plant, school, office building, and more.

Since 1977, the specialization of the economy has changed. It has been taken to increase the production of grain, sugar beets, milk and meat, and a little later - and poultry. Farm them. Kalinin was one of the best farms in the USSR. For high production figures, he was repeatedly awarded certificates of honor, which become red flags, honorary diplomas of the CC CPSU, USSR Council of Ministers, the Central Committee of Komsomol.

Farm them. Kalinin became known for its performance, quality of life. Came here and stayed to work with people all over the multi-ethnic country. In 1981, the collective farm named after Kalinin was awarded the highest award - the Order of "Friendship of Peoples."

In 1988, to replace Y. Aleksankinu ​​came a new leader - MA Karchmit. When it was taken a new course on the introduction of new advanced technologies in all industries, the acquisition of new modern machinery and equipment. Increased productivity has been a significant strengthening of discipline.

In 1996, the collective farm named after Kalinin was reorganized into the collective agricultural enterprise Agrokombinat Snov." At this time, started their own favorite stage of processing of meat and dairy products later. Now you need to organize their own trade. Thus was established a complete cycle - from production to refining and implementing the consumer through a network of retail outlets.

It is not easy in the household had a period of restructuring, ie, in the 90s. But a lot of people hard-working, iron discipline, foresight, MA Karchmita possible to overcome all the difficulties encountered on the way and continue to move steadily forward from year to year increasing production rates.

In 1997, agriculture was first visited by President Alexander Lukashenko.

In 2000, the agricultural complex "Snov" collected the highest in the history of Belorussia harvest of grains and legumes - 74.6 kg / ha, for this sector has received thanks of the President of Belarus AG Lukashenko.

In 2001 Karchmitu MA One of the first in Belarus was awarded the title "Hero of Belarus" for his contribution to the development of agriculture Niasvizh district, Minsk region, as well as for the work of the Commission for Regional Policy of the National Assembly of Belarus.

In 2002, the collective agricultural enterprise Agrokombinat "Snov" was transformed into agricultural production cooperative "Agrokombinat Snov."

In 2003, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko second visit to SEC "Agrokombinat Snov." In the course of this visit was highly appreciated the development of all sectors of the economy, and the SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" was named a model of agricultural production, which must be equal to all the country's economy.

In 2004, the SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" headed by former chief power Radoman NV Continuing reconstruction and upgrading of manufacturing industries, building houses for the workers of the economy, he is actively involved in the updating of the social sphere, improvement of the villages, creating an enabling environment for people. And in 2006, all significantly transformed, and the village regained the status of an agro-town with all necessary infrastructure in the area of ​​residential and commercial service, medicine, culture and sports. Workers of the economy were able to use all necessary services are not worse than in the city. Under the leadership of new chairman of the farm began to work cost-effectively, while maintaining, increasing the dynamics and growth of agricultural production. Stably and reliably continue to work Snovsk farmers and livestock breeders. In 2005, there gathered the highest grain yield - 82.8 t / ha and total production of milk amounted to 13,000 tons with an average milk yield 7472 kg. per cow. Continued to increase the pace of production of high quality products and employees of the meat and dairy processing.

During the period of his leadership Radoman NV economy significantly stepped forward, continuing to bear the high title of leader of the country. Have been built and rebuilt a number of livestock facilities, processing, construction of a new outpatient clinic for 100 visits per shift to the day hospital, renovated earned a swimming pool, built housing for the active workers of the economy, everything has been done to snovchane after a hard day's work could well relax.

The farm almost every day visit the delegation and abroad to learn from the experience of working in different sectors, to admire the spacious fields and crops growing on them, see the work of livestock keepers, mechanics, fabricators of products to become better acquainted with the terms of social economy.

In 2009, the SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" for the third time visiting President of the Republic of Belarus AG Lukashenko, who has once again endorsed the work of the economy in current conditions.

Workers SEC "Agrokombinat Snov" (and there are now 2010 people) are determined to continue to bear the responsibility and the high title of leader of the country, performing scheduled tasks to ensure the food security of our state.


222615, Minsk region.,
Nesvizh district, d.Snov,
Lenina, 16